How To Choose A Domain Name

domain name choose

So, you are also one of those who wants to start a blog or website? If yes, then you should know that there are few important things which you should keep in mind before starting a blog or website such as a Domain, Web Hosting, and premium template. First of all, you need to choose … Read more

What is Gravatar & How To Use It?


Today I share about how you can create gravatar account and why you need a gravatar account. Here I guide you to step by step with an image which will help you to understand better. What is Gravatar? When I was first time create my blog, really I was unfamiliar about Gravatar. I don’t know … Read more

How To Optimize Old Blog Posts for Better Ranking

Optimize Old Blog Posts

As bloggers, we all are writing thousands of words every day and publishing in our blogs. However, we all know that there are so many new keywords which we need to target and write fresh quality content to get more organic traffic. In that case, what will happen to those articles which you wrote last … Read more

How To Track & Monitor User Activity In WordPress


  Do you want to see what your others users are doing into WordPress dashboard? I hope, definitely, you want. If your blog is running by you then this is not crucial. But if you are running a multi-author blog, then definitely you might know what are doing others users on your WordPress dashboard. Here … Read more

6 Secrets why Some Blogs are Popular

Secrets why Some Blogs are Popular

After giving so many efforts and spending much time, your blog is not growing. It is really a bad for a blog. You have applied all the ideas what you have learned from influencers’ blog. But still, your blog is not getting much exposure. So what do you think, blogging is not your cup of … Read more

How To Create Sitemap For WordPress Website

How To Create Sitemaps For WordPress Website

Create a sitemap in WordPress is very easy. There are many ways you can create a sitemap for your WordPress blog. But, here I share with you a simple way by which you can easily generate a sitemap. Before we move ahead I want to discuss what is sitemap and why you should create a sitemap … Read more

How To Limit Posts Revisions In WordPress

How To Limit Posts Revision In WordPress

Limit posts revisions by Limit control plugin and change the wp-config.php file. Yes, there is two-way you can control WordPress posts revision. Today I will discuss the way of how to limit posts revisions in WordPress. What Is Post Revisions? Whenever you write or edit posts then WordPress automatically save the earlier version of your post. If … Read more