6 Secrets why Some Blogs are Popular

Secrets why Some Blogs are Popular

After giving so many efforts and spending much time, your blog is not growing. It is really a bad for a blog. You have applied all the ideas what you have learned from influencers’ blog. But still, your blog is not getting much exposure.

So what do you think, blogging is not your cup of tea? My answer is yes you can do blogging and get success but you need to follow some rules. You are working hard, but you skip something that usually popular bloggers do for their blogs.

In this article, I will discuss 6 secrets behind the popular blogs

6 Secrets why Some Blogs are Popular

1. Planning:

Behind every successful business, there is a concrete plan. This rule is also applicable for blogging. So before starting, a blog, make a plan for marketing, writing and any other blogging works. Many bloggers are failed because they don’t properly plan for their blog. They start their blog because another person is maintaining a blog and get success from it. Don’t just post article. Create a plan for every blog post. After completing every work for content like social media marketing, email marketing etc. then posts next content.

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2. Post great content:

Great content always adds value to your blog. Even many bloggers have mentioned it in their articles. Before writing a content do some research on that topic and write down point what you need to explain in your article. Post every content with a goal and try to achieve that goal. Write the content for readers. So try to find what readers search in your blog.

3. Try to achieve rank in Search Engine:

Search engine traffic is most important for your blog. You can get benefits from it for a long term. So try to secure a good rank in SERP. So before crafting a content you should do keyword research for the article and get some good amount of quality backlinks for your blog.

4. Craft an attractive title:

The Title is the main part of your content, due to the title your content gets more value through content marketing. 80% people come to your blog from social media for the title. So if the article title is not catchy, your content will not grab readers’ attention. So spend some time before writing a title for an article.

5. Do content marketing regularly:

Many content marketers fail due to lack of consistency and the reason behind it is a lack of patience. You will not get a fast result from content marketing but you need to do it on a regular basis to pay out from it.

6. Need to use right blogging tools:

When we do cooking we use some electronics kitchen appliances to cook quickly. Same way, when we do blogging we can use some tools to save our time and energy. So we can convert our ideas into reality. So before using free or paid tools for blogging, we need to research and collect information about the tools.

Final Words

The ways are many. But I have just mentioned only 6 secrets behind popular blogs. But I am sure if you follow these rules you can build a successful blog. Please comment below if you want to add any point to this article. Also, share your feedback about this blog post.

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