How To Optimize Old Blog Posts for Better Ranking

As bloggers, we all are writing thousands of words every day and publishing in our blogs. However, we all know that there are so many new keywords which we need to target and write fresh quality content to get more organic traffic.

In that case, what will happen to those articles which you wrote last year?

In this article I will talk about those old blog posts and why you should re-write them again for your readers as well as the search engines.

Before proceeding further and start re-writing your old posts, you have to check whether that article is an evergreen topic or it was a trending article at that time which has no value right now.

Generally, I prefer to write how to guides & tutorial type articles which may need time to time review & updates. In that case, there are many benefits of rewriting old posts of your blog. Here are few ways you can consider your old blog post and rewrite them for better visibility.

Tips to Optimize Old Blog Posts for Improved Rankings

Provide More Information

The article you wrote on a topic last year may have some more updates and in that case, you should update the old article with the new information.

E.g. if you have shared something on how to recover from Google penguin penalty, then you should update the same with every Google penguin update with the new findings and any useful tips for your readers. This will definitely help your article to get back the lost ranking.

Make it more SEO optimised with proper Keywords

SEO optimisation is one of the key activities every blogger should do time to time to boost the SEO of the entire website. One can easily check every old article and find out the keyword trends around the main keyword of the article and then accommodate them in the old post as per the on-page Seo checklist. This way you will make sure that your article will always share the best information and also be able to keep the rankings up.

Interlink Fresh Articles

Internal linking is a very good & essential on-page SEO technique that will give the boost to old blog post rankings. Did you ever think how your new article will get internal linking with the old posts?

The only way is by editing the old blog posts and accommodating the topic within the article and then link with a keyword anchor text. This kind of activity may be performed in every 1 week after writing 2-3 blog posts in a week and then try to interlink them with old relevant blog posts.

Change Images or Update

This point is more relevant to the how-to guide or tutorial related articles. E.g. let’s say, you wrote about how to optimise an image for better SEO benefit and there you might have used a screenshot of an image compression tool. But you found another better one and in that case, you should change that with the texts to mention about the new tool. You can also change images in case they were not of good quality or proper SEO optimised title attribute.

Improve Readability

As a blogger the more you write the better your writing skill will be. Whatever you wrote last year, may not suit your current writing style as you have improved a lot. So it is time to change the old articles to improve the readability and deliver the quality content as per your readers’ expectation. This way you will be able to make the standard of your writing throughout the blog.

Do you think re-writing an old blog post is really worthy? I am sure after reading these points you will also feel the benefits of re-writing the old blog posts and doing necessary blog cleanups. Do share your experience or any kind of tips & tricks to make old blog articles more SEO friendly.

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