How To Use Google Tag Manager : Step By Step Guide


Google Tag Manager is a free tag management tool by which you can easily add a tag for your website. I have started using this tool after learning about this tool. Every webmaster should use this tool instead of adding code directly in website files. Sometimes you have to need adding code or script on your … Read more

How To Limit Posts Revisions In WordPress

How To Limit Posts Revision In WordPress

Limit posts revisions by Limit control plugin and change the wp-config.php file. Yes, there is two-way you can control WordPress posts revision. Today I will discuss the way of how to limit posts revisions in WordPress. What Is Post Revisions? Whenever you write or edit posts then WordPress automatically save the earlier version of your post. If … Read more

Best Case Fans 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide


Often we experience that our PC gets hotter when we operate it for a longer period. Well, then it is time to get a bit concern about it. They may arise many unexpected problems in the future. So the best solution is to install the case fans which can help you get rid of the … Read more

How to Download Torrent Files With IDM

How to Download Torrent Files With IDM

Download torrent file with IDM is a not hard process, it is also an easy process. Today I will share this tricks which help you to do low peer torrent file downloading with IDM. When we are downloading Torrent file with Utorrent or Bittorrent client we face common problem download speed. If your Internet connection is … Read more

Top 5 WordPress Plugin That Helps To Display Code Snippets

Top 5 WordPress Plugin That Helps To Display Code Snippets

Does your blog niche is development related? Do you want to embed PHP, HTML, CSS code in your blog post? If your blog builds on WordPress CMS then here I share 5 best WP plugin by which you can add code in your post easily. List Of Top 5 Code Snippets WordPress Plugins 1) SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: … Read more

How To Install WordPress on Dreamhost with One-Click Install

How To Install WordPress on Dreamhost with One-Click Install

If you had bought Shared Dreamhost hosting but confused how to create a blog via WordPress CMS on Dreamhost Hosting, then this is a right place which you have to visit my blog ITDS HUB. Here I will guide you to step by step for making your own blog through WordPress on Dreamhost Hosting. Before Go … Read more

Top 5 Websites Helps To Increase Facebook Likes


Are you looking for a website how to increase facebook likes on photo or facebook page? If yes then this is a right place for you, because here I listed top 5 websites which will help you to increase facebook like. Nowadays everybody wants to get like in a photo. But the problem is some people … Read more