Tips and Tools that will help You to Stay Safe Online

Tips and Tools to Stay Safe Online

Are you surfing the Internet every day?

Are you spending most of the time on the Internet?

Do you browse a lot of websites in a day? But don’t know if the sites are safe or not.

Have you ever checked or thought about it?

If not then it’s time to check if the site is secure or not.

But you are wondering how to check this.

Don’t worry!

In this post, I will talk about how to know a website site is secure or not.

You can check this easily.

Tips & Tools to Stay Safe Online:

Now I have a few tips for you to stay safe online. I recommend you to follow these tips from today. If you are not following and keep browsing the Internet without any precautions, then it might be dangerous for you. Attackers might take advantage of this. So follow the below-mentioned tips:

Use Secure and Unique Password:

Whenever you create a new account on the different website, you might be using the same password again and again. If you do, then it’s time to stop this. Use unique and secure password while creating an account on the different site. One tool to check if your site is secure is

But the problem is it’s not easy to remember every unique password.

The good news is for you that there is a tool available for this. You can use to make a unique password for every site. You can store the password, so you don’t need to remember every password.

Be safe from a Phishing attack:

The phishing attack is the easiest way to steal login password. So whenever you enter your password, kindly make sure that you have checked the site URL. If you see something wrong, then don’t enter your password.

Browse HTTPS Site:

HTTPS (SSL Certificate):


If you are regular users or spending time on the Internet, then I’m sure you already know about HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP and it is a sign of a secure website. If a site has an HTTPS certificate, then it is a secure site. To check a site’s security, to the left of the web address, look at the security status, you can see 3 variations: Lock Secure, Info or Dangerous

Look at the above address bar and check the URL. If the site has https before www that means the site has an SSL certificate. is one example of a lock secure site.

So we can say the site is safe for browsing. Always try to browse the HTTPS-enabled sites.

Change Password:

If it is possible for you to change password daily, then change it. By changing password daily and using the site, you will be safe.

Two-step Authentication:

Two-step Authentication

Image Source: Google

If it’s possible then enable two-step authentication features. You can enable two-step authentication features on your Gmail account. If enable this feature then you need to enter OTP every time whenever you sign in on a new device. is a great free app for your smartphones 2FA.

So these are the tips to stay safe online and simple method to check the site is safe secure or not. I hope you love this tips. If you think this will help to your friend, then don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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