5 Best Website Performance Checking Websites You Should Know

Have you ever check your website performance?

Do you know website loading speed impact of your SEO?

If you don’t know how much time spend on your blog for loading, then check it and fixed it. Website loading speed is the biggest factor to Rank on Google. Even Google officially announce that if your site has not well optimize then you will get penalize by Google.

5 Best Website Performance Cheking Tools You Should Know

List Of Top Website Performance Checking Tools

Google PageSpeed Insights: 

This is a free tool developed by Google. It is a one of the best website performance checking tool. Google PageSpeed measures the performance of your website. It will give a summary to you about your blog or website. It will help you to which thing you should need to optimize. After analyzing you will get a score between 0 to 100. If you get a score above 85, then it is considered as a well optimize. if you score very then you must optimize your content. pageSpeed will suggest you which things need to optimize. Another great feature is google will give you optimized CSS, javascript, and image

PageSpeed insights

Check Your PageSpeed


GTmetrix is another great tool by which you can check your website performance. GTmetrix is free to use. It shows you page load time, total page size, Page speed score. Here I attached image of my blog performance report.


Visit GTmetrix


Pingdom is free website performance checking tool founded by Sam Nurmi. By this tool, you can check uptime, downtime and performance of a website.


Visit Pingdom


It is an another cloud based free website speed test tool founded by Niels Brinkman on 2007. you can check your website performance location wise.


Visit Uptrends


Web Page Test:

Web Page Test is a website where you can check you website performance location wise. Web Page Test tool gives you result about performance summary, Content breakdown details. You can also view the content breakdown by domain.


Check Webpagetest

Final Words:

I have listed 5 best website performance checking tools by which you can check your blog or website performance.

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If you use another tool for checking website performance, then do let me know. If you find these tools interesting and also help you don’t forget to share it on social media.

If you have any question about this topic, then feel free to ask me via comment.

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