5 Things To Do During The Christmas 2018


Christmas is the time to eat, drink, shop, and wonder. In short, this is the time when you make experiences. However, with the myriad of things you can do in Christmas, sometimes it is confusing to decide what to do.

Well, not anymore. Now, I will talk about some of the best things you can do this Christmas if you are in New York. Let’s go.

1. The place to Shop:

With Christmas, comes shopping. These two go almost hand in hand. And what better place to do it than the Bryant Park Winter Village? Along with the wide range of gifts and items available, you will also get the small town charm right in the middle of the city.

The village has open-air shops, adding to its beauty. You can buy everything ranging from clothing, local food, jewelry, decor, and even unique gifts. The money raised from the purchases are spent by helping in the park’s maintenance. Therefore, you are acting for a good cause as well.

Also, you can also eat on the kiosks, skate in the village rink, and watch huge Christmas trees as well.

2. The place to Eat:

Another thing that is synonymous with Christmas is eating. And ROFL should be your best friend in that aspect. They serve some of the great foods such as meatloaf, pork chops, sausage platters, and so much more. If you want a mug of beer, you would not be disappointed either. As the restaurant is German, it serves a wide range of German beers.

It is beautifully decorated for Christmas that it is a reason alone to visit the place. However, you might have to wait for a while to get your order during rush hours. I would suggest for a weekly dinner before the crowd rushes in.

3. The place to Drink:

Can Christmas be celebrated without a fine drink? Of course not. That is where Betony comes in. It is located on the Fifth Avenue and has a 35 seat bar.

They have a large range of drinks. Some of the best ones are Mister Crane which is a mixture of apple brandy, ginger, and maple, hot chocolate with Australian Black Truffles. Also, the reserve milk punch section is also a delight.

The bar has a velvet banquet and mesmerizing stucco walls. Besides, the big windows are great if you want to watch the snow falling on a wintry night.

4. The place to Go With Family:

The New York Botanical Gardens is ideal to go with your family this Christmas. The Holiday Train Show with all the miniature trains and tracks is the best place to take your kid or be a kid yourself again. The train show shows over 150 landmarks of the city including the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Central Terminal. These landmarks are made using plant materials such as bark and leaves. The show is hosted from 19th November to 14th January.

5. The place to See Christmas Lights:

The best place to go see the Christmas lights is Brooklyn, in the neighborhood of Dyker Heights. During Christmas, every house in the neighborhood decorates itself in lights. There is an unspoken competition goes on to outshine the adjacent houses in the neighborhood. Therefore, the whole area becomes a view for passers-by and cars alike.

You can also check complete Christmas gift list here.

These are the best things you can do this Christmas. If you have any farther questions, or if you want me to talk about something else, do let me know in the comments section below.

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