How To Use Your Phone as a Webcam (Step By Step Guide)

How To Use Your Phone as Webcam

Do you want to use your Android phone as a Webcam? If want, then this guide will be helpful for you.

How to use android phone as a webcam

Things You Need To Use your Android Phone as a Webcam

  • An android phone which has a camera.
  • Have Wi-fi (Wireless Fidelity) connection. (Your computer or phone must connect to the same network).
  • Computer have browser (Ex: Firefox,Chrome,Edge,IE) or skype.
  • The IP Webcam App (Download from google play store)

Step 1:-

After, finish download –

>Open The IP Webcam App on your phone.

>Scroll Down, you will see this option START SERVER (See Image Below)

Use Your Phone as a Webcam

After Click Start Server, You will see like this (Image Below)


Use Your Phone as a Webcam after click

Step 3:

Now you see your camera is open and see this server address or URL – (Note: your URL address may differ from me).

Now, Open your browser, Enter this URL on your browser address bar. Then open a page look like this (image below)


Use Your Phone as a Webcam pc



Step 4:

Now see this image below, you will see an option Video renderer under many options to see a video. Choose anything you want to view your live video from your phone to PC.


Use Your Phone as a Webcam video render

Step 5:

You can also take the photo and directly seen this photo in your browser.

To take photo option (See Image Below)


Use Your Phone as a Webcam take photo


If this trick is not working correctly, then feel free to comment and contact me.

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sam - December 24, 2016

hi… when i start serving it say up loader could` nt find … and 2nd think how to sync mob and laptop ?thanks .

tom harvey - January 3, 2017

thank you, this was very helpful!
tommy harvey


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