How To Install WordPress on Dreamhost with One-Click Install

If you had bought Shared Dreamhost hosting but confused how to create a blog via WordPress CMS on Dreamhost Hosting, then this is a right place which you have to visit my blog ITDS HUB. Here I will guide you to step by step for making your own blog through WordPress on Dreamhost Hosting.

Before Go ahead I want to share of my blog hosting journey. Yesterday I bought Dreamhost hosting. Previously, My blog was hosted on Hostgator hosting. Hostgator is the reliable and cheap Hosting provider, their customer support is too good. But Dreamhost provides SSD disk, so I decided to move hosting on Dreamhost because Dreamhost provides a free domain with your shared hosting plan, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting.

How To Install WordPress on Dreamhost with One-Click Install


Step By Step Guide to Install WordPress on Dreamhost with one-click:

So this is an ultimate guide I will share with you which is Installing WordPress on Dreamhost server. So let’s started with my guide for newbie and learn something new today. Login To your Dreamhost accounts for getting started.
Setup Your Domain:
The first step you will need to buy a domain name if you don’t have already.
If you have already a domain name, then not needed to buy a domain.
If your domain hosted on Dreamhost then you will not need nothing to change.
If you have a domain name which is hosted on another registrar then you need to just a complete simple step. Just change the default nameserver to Dreamhost nameserver.Scroll down for Changing Nameserver guide.

Add Domain on Dreamhost

Before changing nameserver of your domain name first you need to add a domain on Dreamhost account. To adding domain login to your Dreamhost account and click on Domain at the left side. now you see submenu, click on Manage Domain for adding a domain.

In the domain to host box enter your domain name, for instances or here I use my domain name (See below image for easily understand)

Next, You need to choose one of three from the option. Choose the second option for add WWW version of your domain.

When you add your domain, you need to create a new user for running this domain or FTP login. So, Enter Your username in this box.(See below  image)

Web directory & Logs directory you will not need to change.

Adding Domain on dreamhost fully hosted


How To Add Domain on dreamhost fully hosted

You see above image, just leave it default or setup this part like above image. After Completing this step, Click Fully host this domain button. After clicking this button, you will see a success message and nameserver details.

Here Dreamhost Nameserver:

Now you need to just change your nameserver details. It will take to 24-48hours for full propagation

Famous 5 Minute Guide To Install WordPress on Dreamhost with One-click Installer:

I was complete domain configuration part. Now next step is install WordPress on this domain. To install WordPress click on Goodies in the left sidebar.

step 2: Click One-click installs

Step 3: Click WordPress(See below image)

One-click install wordpress on dreamhost

After clicking you see a window Dreamhost one-click installer. Now enter your domain name install to box and select automatically create a database. Another option you need to Tick deluxe install which gives you some plugin, theme. The final step clicks on install it for me now button.

Dreamhost one-click installer

You are almost done all step, now you receive a success message. you need to wait 10 minutes for finishing the installation. After finished the installation you will receive an email from Dreamhost. Check your email which email you use to login your Dreamhost accounts for go to the next step. After receiving the email just enter your site on browser address bar, you will automatic redirect WordPress installation page. Now choose your site language which you will prefer and then click to continue.

Choose wordpress language shubha dasAfter clicking on continue, you are an automatic redirect to next page. This is a most important part, enter information carefully.

Famous five minute wordpress installation process

After filling the box, click on install WordPress button.

Wordpress has been installed success

Now your WordPress has been installed. Next step login with username and password.

I hope this famous 5 minutes guide helps to install WordPress on dreamhost.

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