Top 5 WordPress Plugin That Helps To Display Code Snippets

Does your blog niche is development related? Do you want to embed PHP, HTML, CSS code in your blog post? If your blog builds on WordPress CMS then here I share 5 best WP plugin by which you can add code in your post easily.

Top 5 WordPress Plugin That Helps To Display Code Snippets

List Of Top 5 Code Snippets WordPress Plugins

1) SyntaxHighlighter Evolved:

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved is one of the best plugins to displaying code on your WordPress site. It has 50000+ active install. This plugin has been developed by Alex Mills and an Automattic. 7 types of themes are available, you can choose one of them.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Display Code Snippets

Download SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

2) Crayon Syntax Highlighter:

Crayon Syntax Highlighter is an another great plugin which has 50000+ active install. This plugin is built in PHP and jQuery that has many features. It supports <pre> tag, bbPress 2, inline tags floating in sentences, shortcode and many more.It also supports your favorite languages.



3) Code Snippets:

Code Snippets is a free WP plugin developed by Shea Bunge. It has been 20000+ active install. It provides GUI interface for adding code snippets. Code snippets support some languages German, Russian, Chinese, French etc.

Code Snippets

Download Code Snippets

4) Post Snippets:

Post snippets are developed by Johan Steen and it has been 20000+ active install. You can insert snippets in your post directly in the post editor. By this plugin, you can create your own shortcode.

Post Snippets

Download Post Snippets

5) WP Code Highlight:

WP Code Highlight is another free WP plugin by which you can show code snippets in your blog easily. It has 5000+ active install.

WP Code Highlight

Download WP Code Highlight

Final Thought:

I have listed best 5 WP plugins by which you can easily manage code Snippets in your blog. you can add code in your post easily. So, if you run a coding niche blog then download this plugin and start using it. In my opinion, SyntaxHighlighter Evolved is best among other WP snippets plugins. If you find another WP snippets plugin which has great feature and working good, then do let us know.

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