Can’t Hear People on Discord (How To Fix)

Voice over internet protocol has come up with invention of several versatile applications. One such amazing application is discord; the app helps you to clearly hear people talking with you over the internet and get in touch with likeminded people. However, sometimes the application can create an issue because of improper audio settings. Resultantly, quality check can get things resolved as soon as possible. Bug error is commonly known to arise in discord. We have brought a we have brought following solutions to keep things good and easy going-

Solution1 -Turn on use Legacy audio subsystem

Your hardware might not work properly with the latest version of discord. In such a case, you need to simply transport yourself back to the Legacy audio system and resolve the issue right away. Turning the used Legacy what is subsystem options has encountered the problem for several discord users. All you need to do is –


  • Launch discord and move towards user settings having gear icon
  • Choose audio and video and scroll down for an option that has been named as used Legacy audio subsystem.
  • visit Legacy audio subsystem and is a dialogue box shall confirm everything when you hit Ok
  • Shutdown the settings and press escape button located on the top right hand corner.

solution 2 – set as default communication device

Make sure that you set your audio device as the default device for resolving several discord issues. Settings are available for Windows PC.

  • Right click upon the sound icon located from the icon tray.
  • Use of playback devices and launch sound option having playback tab settings.
  • Locate your audio device and right click on speaker and headphone option for setting it as a default device.
  • As soon as you complete the process, you will see a green tick mark beneath your audio device.
  • Hit apply

Solution 3 – proper sound input/output

You can resolve the issue by correcting incorrect audio device.

  • Launch discord and move towards user settings having gear icon.
  • Check out output and input located on the top.
  • Click upon the dropdown menu and look out for correct audio device. Select the device that actually works for you.

Solution 4 – refresh discord

If nothing at all works for you, the best thing is to uninstall the update and resolve the bug problem right away. Refreshing discord shall help you to Trigger the workability of the application. Furthermore, it will free up the acquired space in your gadget . simply press ctrl + R and is refreshed discord then and there.

Solution 5 – use web version

If nothing at all has been working till now, the best is to go for web version of discord. If the problem has been longing eternally, web version has been the best solution always.

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