How To Block Seen and Typing Status In Facebook Chat

Do you know you can block seen and typing status in Facebook chat?

Whenever you are talking with someone or your friends, then when your friend sent you a message, and you have seen his or her message, then your friends know that time when you viewed a message. But If you want to disable this feature then you can easily disable. Here I share with you a simple trick by which you can block seen and typing status in facebook chat.

List Of Chrome & Firefox Add-ons Which Will Block Seen and Typing Status In Facebook Chat

Some of the people use Google Chrome, and some of the people use Firefox, so here I share both browser add-ons which will block seen & typing status.

Add-ons For Google Chrome:

If you are using Google Chrome browser, then below I listed two add-ons which you can download from chrome web store for free. You will find more than two seen & typing status is blocking add-ons on chrome web store. But here I listed best useful seen and typing blocking add-ons.

Facebook Chat Privacy:

Facebook Chat Privacy is a chrome add-on developed by Jan Biersen. You will fully control chat privacy by using this add-on. No one knows when you saw their message. It also disables your typing status. You can disable and enable of this add-on with one click.


Facebook Unseen:

Facebook Unseen is chrome extension which is offered by This add-on has the similar feature like facebook chat privacy add-on. You can block seen and typing status in facebook chat.


Add-ons For Firefox:

If you are a user of Firefox, then you can install a below-listed Add-on for free.

Facebook NoMoreSeen:

Facebook NoMoreSeen is a Firefox add-on which is developed by Stéphane Kouadio. It is a free add-on and without any add-on. By using this plugin, you can block seen by in Facebook chat.


Have you already use those add-ons?

Have you use another add-on to block seen and typing status in facebook chat.

If yes, then do let us know and share your opinion with us about this add-ons.

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