Best Case Fans 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Often we experience that our PC gets hotter when we operate it for a longer period. Well, then it is time to get a bit concern about it. They may arise many unexpected problems in the future.

So the best solution is to install the case fans which can help you get rid of the heat. And when it is the matter of case fans, we need to consider the best one among so many. Look for the active cooling of the motherboard and the CPU. Noise is also a factor which you need to consider when buying the case fans too.

Here in this article, find the top 5 case fans of 2019. The product has been reviewed along with the pros and cons of the fans. This can help you get the right one.

1. Corsair ML120 Pro LED

According to the user, this one is the best seller. The size of the fan is 120mmx25mm whose flow type is static pressure. The static pressure is 0.2 to 4.2 mm. The speed of the fan is near to 400 to 2400 rpm which is good enough to sways away from the heat.

Thus it is the perfect product to give the cooling effect perfectly. The sound level of the fan is also very low which around 16 to 37 DBA is. This is a high-performance fan which is quite eligible in serving the purpose. The product is so simply designed that it is quite convenient to install the fan in PC. The connector has four pins.

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  • Magnetic levitation bearing reduce the friction of the bearing
  • Four ultra bulb are attached which are on while they are working. They also look very nice.
  • PWM controls the speed of the fan
  • Gets quite cooling inside your PC with the sound approx 16 to 37 DBA
  • Long life five years warranty comes with the product. So you may be quite sure of its long life performance.


  • The LED of the fan is always on and there is no option to shut it off. But they are on as long as the PC is on.
  • The white fans may sometimes be confused with the gray ones. though white is shown in pictures, visible they are grey in color

2. Corsair Air Series AF120

The size of the fan is approx 120mm x 25mm. the noise level ranges from 25.2 DBA. The fan is available in both single and twin pack. It can be installed in the motherboard which is of open standard and the connector is of 3 pins. The airflow is 52.19 CFM. The fan is having ultimate cooling performance which makes it better than others. Also, the fan is so designed that it can be able to cool in large volume. This is only due to the Air series AF fans. They work best in an unrestricted environment. Compared to the standard case fan, this model is having the custom molded blades which are very thin. Thus they make less noise and turbulence. The illumination of the fan is being done by the LED lights which look very attractive. Overall this fan is having everything much better performance than the other case fans of standard quality. Use this fan as the exhaust fan of the PC’s motherboard and CPU too. Check the performance of these.

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  • The air flows from the front side of the fan and passed to the back side.
  • Installation cables are provided with the product
  • It is a great fan which produces very less noise.
  • High performance with large volume air cooling
  • When you are using it at its highest speed, only 12 v is being used up with minimal noise production.
  • They are very simple and easy to install
  • Great looking case fans


  • 3 pins connector, not available in 4 pins
  • The LED lights cannot be controlled separately

3. Corsair LL Series LL120

The fan has a great appearance which looks very cool. But the performance may be a bit lower than the above too. It has 16 brilliant independent RGB lights. It is a three kit fan also with the lighting Node pro. These lights are spread between a loop that just covers the fan. The speed of the fan is anywhere between 600 to 1500 RPM. This can manage the noise to a standard level.  The blade of the fan is 120 mm with the PVM controlled fan. Thus dynamically the speed can be adjusted easily. Thus this product is quite helpful in getting the heat out of the PC. It also has low noise operation. Some users found it a bit enjoy when compared to the above two products. The fan is so designed that it would provide low sound with a high performance of the case fan.

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  • The speed of the fan can be controlled dynamically. This is only due to maximize the speed of the fan and also minimize the noise level
  • The fan blade is so thin, 120 mm which ensures that the blades do not create any heavy noises.
  • The main purpose of the case fan is cooling which helps in proper airflow adjustment. Thus help greatly in cooling.
  • Stunning looks


  • Many users are not finding its upper quiet than the other products.
  • Performance of the fan to suffers due to its bad static pressure

4. Noctua NF-A14 PWM

This particular product is an award-winning one which can offer highest and ultimate performance. This product has four pins with the PVM version. It is awesome in the look which is in the square framed case. The product has anti-vibration mount that prevents it from vibrating while on the operation.  Even the low noise adaptor is given with the product too. Extension cable and y cable are the two for running the PVM fans. The air flow is caused excellently by the high air pressure.  This fan is all rounder and performance greatly. They are also having along life. This is a 140mm fan which is run at lowers RPM. Even though it has the lower RPM, yet it has decent air flow. It is a powerful fan which is having great lighting and appearance too. The light creates a symphony of color. It is having complete cooling control with the average performance level of the case fan.

The square frame of the case fan is also a good radiator too. It can also be a great product for the water cooling too. Thus you can get the best of the product in multiple tasks.

The Noctua brand is high premium one who is entrusted by most of the users. The product has high-quality SSO2 bearings. It is also having more than 150.000 hours MTTF. The manufacturer gives nearly six days warranty of the product.

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  • Airflow of the fan is great which pushes more air
  • For better airflow, the fan is having high performance to match with any other products.
  • It is a powerful yet quiet fan to make feel whether a fan is running or not.
  • Great cooling with standard RPM


  • If you are dedicated at the 120mm fans, then this having 140mm fan blades. But does not affect the performance of the fan anyhow.
  • Though the performance or the cooling is not of a high standard yet, it can meet your purpose of cooling down the PC.

5. Corsair HD120 RGB LED

The product has high static pressure which can give you extra boosting performance. Compared with the other standard case fans, its performance is incomparable.  The thin blades of the fan also help in creating high pressure of the air and also producing lesser noise too. Also, the blades are causing less vibration. One will not get the concern about any running fan inside their PC. The fan is easy to install and operate too. It has three access button controllers. The control range is 800 to 1725 rpm. Also very quite while working. The low sound is for the thin and upgraded bladed of the fan. They also serve the purpose of producing lesser vibrations.

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  • Its stay cools and helps in ultimate cooling
  • The stunning appearance which makes it look hot
  • Three button to control. One is for the effect speed, one is for the color, and the other is for the mode
  • The speed can be controlled in three mode- high speed, medium or slow.
  • The products having six ports RGB led lights. They are built directly to the fan frame.
  • The rpm is 800- 1725 PWM which is quite effective.


No such con has been reported against this product as it has high performance, long life and also quite working ability.


Wrapping up the article, these are the best case fans for your PC to perform well. These products are rated for the year 2019. You can buy them online over the Amazon and get them at a very affordable price. Check the various products which can be very good at the performance.

These case fans are now getting more modified and technologically advanced with the time. Try out these products to know how they have been good at everything. Share with us your thoughts if you have already used them. This can help many users to get an idea about these.

Hope the article has been helpful and resourceful. Share with us if you are having any other information about these products. Let us know how you have been using them.  Keen to know about your thoughts. Please feel free to share.

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